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If you want to add something new to your bucket list with an untouched destination, Dakhla is the perfect destination to make the list. Serenity, breathtaking scenery and natural beauty – these words are not enough to describe this beautiful destination. Escape the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy secluded beaches. A holiday in Dakhla, the kitesurfing capital of Morocco, is indeed a worthwhile experience. Discover unique culture, explore the area like a local and enjoy the best moments of your life kiteboarding.

Located along the narrow peninsula of the Atlantic Coast, Dakhla is home to a flat water lagoon and spectacular waves, making it one of the world’s most popular water sports destination. Kite with birds flying in the sky and ride with dolphins in the lagoon.

Dakhla Kitesurf

When it comes to kitesurfing in Morocco, Dakhla is the ideal destination for you. This water sports activity is available to people of all skill levels including amateur and seasoned professionals. From the lagoon without waves and shallow right across the face of the water until waves of the Atlantic, there are lots of kite spots to choose from.
For many who have already been here, you can attest to the fact that Dakhla boasts some amazing hotel accommodation. More importantly, it features ideal kitesurfing conditions with windy days all year round. If you haven’t heard anything about this beautiful kitesurfing destination, you absolutely don’t know what you’re missing particularly if you love kiteboarding.

Best Time to Visit

The wind conditions are at the best between the months of April to September. July and August have the highest wind chance. However, Dakhla kitesurf is always at its finest in October. Though Dakhla is a year-round destination for kiting, the best time to go for kitesurfing is October.
Remember to pack long wetsuit when planning a trip to Dakhla. Summer days are usually warm but it can easily get cold at night. So it is important to pack accordingly. Pack something warm and comfortable for the chilly nights.

Getting there

The major gateway to Dakhla for international traveler is Casablanca or Agadir. This is because there are no frequent flights from Paris or the Canary Islands to Dakhla at the moment. For international travelers, you can get direct flights to Casablanca and Agadir from top cities such as Milan, Amsterdam, Montreal, Washington, London, New York, Paris, Berlin, and Frankfurt. From there you can take a flight to Dakhla Airport with the Royal Air Maroc

Getting around

Most tourists prefer staying at one of the lagoon camps. These casual chic accommodations have proximity to the best kite spots in Dakhla. So if you choose to stay at one of these hotels you don’t have to worry about transport unless of course, you want to do a bit of exploration.
Most hotels can easily arrange the perfect transport for you. As a matter of fact, the best option of getting around Dakhla is getting a transport with the hotel to some of the best places in town. Depending on your location, you can walk down to the beach.
Alternatively, you can opt for a car rental to get around at your own convenience. Car rentals cost around 30 Euros daily. If you would like to explore the white dune, Porto Rico, Imlili and other landmarks then a 4×4 will be the best option.

Food and Drink

Most hotels in Dakhla offer an all-inclusive service. In other words, everything has been added to your price including meals. You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to menu options. Enjoy great tasting local and international cuisine. And if you decide to head into the city, you can try one of the many local cuisines.


Fortunately, there are several camps operating on the lagoon. While some offer basic tent accommodation, others offer luxury accommodation featuring a hot water shower, and great views of the lagoon. These accommodations are designed to make your stay memorable. Dakhla Kitesurf World can help you with chic hotel accommodation that not only provides maximum comfort but also kitesurfing lessons for all skill levels.
Also, guests can rent the latest and best Dakhla kitesurf gear well as plan a day trip to the famous landmarks in the area. Staying at a kitesurf camp on the lagoon is indeed the best option as it offers you the opportunity to kite all day long. Kiting is never far away from your doorstep.
Then again, you can opt for one of the hotels or guesthouses in the city center, which is just perfect if you want to be right in the center of activity. Though it comes at an extra cost, you will either have to book a taxi or rent a car to take you from one spot to the other.
Kitesurfing camps, on the other hand, offer an all-inclusive service which includes transportation and meals. This way, you have more money to spend on your holiday. Remarkably, all kitesurf camps offer wifi internet connection to keep you connected but you should know that you’re in the middle of the desert so expect glitches with the connection at some point.

Desert Tours

Your trip to Dakhla will be considered incomplete without visiting some of its best spots such as Imlili, Porto Rico, White Dune and the Oyster Farm. Just within close proximity to Dakhla are some of Morocco’s best-kept secret – Imlili oasis and Porto Rico beach. You shouldn’t miss the White Dune as well as a delicious lunch at the oyster farm – the leading seafood restaurant in Dakhla.


Located in the center of the Sahara, Imlili is a spectacular oasis and one of Dakhla’s classics. Access to this secluded area is by a 4×4. The drive takes you through the magnificent desert scenery and sand dunes. Imlili features shady pools perfect for a refreshing dip.

Porto Rico

Located about 20km south of El Argoub – a small fishing village with night lights shining brightly that it can sometimes be spotted from Dakhla town – Porto Rico is a secluded beach with picturesque water ideal for swimming. Here you will also find cliffs and rocks worth exploring. All in all, Porto Rico beach is an ideal relaxation spot for visitors.

White Dune

This is a landmark that shouldn’t be missed for any reason. This natural phenomenon rises in the middle of the desert before plunging into the lagoon. Climb to the top to catch stunning views of the surrounding area. This place is also gatherings for the flamingos.

Oyster Farm Restaurant

Over the years, Dakhla has gained popularity for its colorful seafood, particularly the oyster. One of the best places to try freshly prepared oysters is at the Oyster farm located on the edge of the lagoon. This is a premier destination in Dakhla for the best of seafood


Lassarga offers something for everyone, particularly kiting enthusiasts. Enjoy great wind conditions and wave riding during surf season which runs from October to March. The beach is perfect for beginners and advanced kitesurfers. It is an ideal spot for mastering your kitesurfing skills.


For a chance to see all that Dakhla has to offer, consider taking a 4WD safari. All in all, Dakhla has gained a reputation for hosting world surfing and kitesurfing championship. Come experience the best of kitesurfing. So if you’re looking for a holiday experience that’s completely different, Dakhla is the place to be.


Beautiful garden by the terraces of Frontline and lagoon-view Bungalows at Dakhla Kitesurf World Hotel which is surrounded by sand dunes

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